Take a break !

Overnight stabling at Volcelest

Our horse's hotel is ideally located 50 km South Bordeaux / 12 km from A63

It's the perfect location for a stop over between North and South Europe. For compétitions in Vilamoura, the Sunshine Tour, Oliva or Sotogrande for example.


Stabling on shaving : 
33 € / stable

Electricity hook up :
10 € each lorry

Room with sanitary (2 people) :
70 € / room

Stables opened 7/7 & 24/24. Autonomous arrival and departure with the welcome board

Payment by cash with the boxmail near the welcome board

Payment by bank transfert / Invoicing : please send us all your details, email address and VAT number

LATITUDE   44.475708
LONGITUDE  -0.7234931

61 route d’Hostens
33830 Belin Beliet
Quartier Joué

Informations for your stop over

That signal board shows entry of Volcelest, here you are !
Take the private path and keep straight away until the end : you will find a big parking at stables to park your lorry

Please park your lorry with taking care of the other. The middle of the parking must always be keep free.

Welcome board
Site plan
Find stables / rooms booked for you
Find vet, blacksmith’s phone numbers
Here is the boxmail for cash payment
Electricity hook up for lorries
Interrupteur light switch for the parking

Take care of your horses. 
Stuff is available to clean your lorry.
Please put the dirty bedding on the manure

If you want to walk your horses, please stay on the parking, the path, the forest or paddocks. Please don’t go with horses on grass and on the cottage’s side. We have rentals and weddings there.

There is two ways for going on stables 34 to 44 : on paddocks side or just after stable number 1.

There is a free wifi available.
For a best signal, stay close the office near the babyfoot.

A lodge with kitchen, shower and one bed is available for free.
Please don’t go on premises indicated as private on the site plan.